M00-Tion Studio:’Motion‘+’Emotion

…that ‘Feels Good’


Active wear store

Commercial and retail design

  • M00-tion retail store


Integrated housing design; Home, Work, Wellness

Dine-amyc bedroom

We have a vision for an inclusive healthy experience in residential buildings. We try to integrate recent forms of integrating work, home and wellness spaces. We aim to shift the mood across the vertical as well as horizontal axis of the residences and create mediation between moments of active as well as relaxing spaces.

Active wear store

We aim to provide an affordable boutique commercial spaces that are sustainable and mindful. We have a progressive towards the future of commercial and retail spaces with a focus on people’s experience of moving in the space physically or through online platforms. We use the technology of VR to simulate people’s movement and interaction in the space.

Rooftop Zen area

With a holistic approach towards mind/body health and mindfulness, we aim to provide indoor or outdoor wellness studio and active gym spaces that promotes a healthy human experience.