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About the founder: Dr. Isun Kazerani

Dr. Isun A Kazerani is the founder and the director of M00-Tion design studio, a boutique mindful architecture firm. I have a special interest in creating spaces that stimulate people’s sense of Motion and Emotion and lead to sustainable and mindful design. She has over 17 years of experience in architectural design and specialise in residential, retail and hospitality sectors. She's also developed a technique for using the technology of BIM and VR as a holistic method for residential, retail and hospitality design.

She initiated the project on ‘home,work, wellness’ in 2019, which looks at design models that encourage movement and sense of wellbeing. She's also been featured at Melbourne knowledge week 2019, Mpavilion 2018 and ‘The mindful Home’ 2021. Since then she's been working on a number of private residence and multi residential projects.

She has also worked on multiple retail design projects and has initiated progressive projects using the technology of VR for creating mindful virtual architectural spaces. More recently, she has focused on sustainable inclusive hospitality design with a focus on structure, material and bioPhilic design.

She received her PhD in 2017 in Architecture from Melbourne University with a focus on the relationship between architectural design strategy and people’s individual and collective experience. She is also very keen to lead and bring social and political changes in the context of architecture and tries to contribute to gender and social equity as well as multiculturalism.