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Your Starred Items


Your Starred Items


September 22, 2021

M00-tion Retail Store

M0tion Retail CenterThe upcoming M00-tion retail store model consists of four level building modules connected  via a ramp behind the building where people could walk down from the roof top to the lower  levels. The concept proposes steel facade which has a strong contrast with the atmospheric  interior reflecting the surrounding urban landscape. Rotation of the steel facade encourages  exploration and movement out and around the building.

Ground floor: Organic fresh entrance to the building

Level 1 (Footwear): with minimal products on display with a focus on the experience of  motion with the footwear. Display windows are excavated inside the ground floor and walls  to allow more movement. Ceiling is made from mirrors to allow the users to view their  product performance on the floor.

Level 2 (Activewear) :metallic cold material with a slight slopes surface to encourage  movement and the experience of trying on the products rather than sheer consumption The continuation of the active store level where the products can be actively tried on.  Material of the façade is a transparent glass reflecting the outside landscape. The cool tone of

the active wear continues here but exposed in the freshness of the outdoor atmosphere.

Level 2 (Clothing) : warm aura where the design encourages the slightly ramped floor  encourages users to experience movement- empowering everyone to feel like a model  walking on a catwalk.

The art work on the wall is of a group of Persian women promoting a new understanding of  aesthetics and beauty.

Level 3 (The Accessory/beauty) : perfumes on display as a sensory experiential element with  a small bar at the entrance

Level 4: (Roof top zen space): with an Islamic inspired choice of pattern and material. The  design welcomes diverse cultural backgrounds to enjoy the relaxing environment in a zen  natural environment with water and greenery.