The Stair-house

Stair-house is an innovative design in integrating workspace within the house by designing an iconic staircase in
the middle of the house and placing the workspace on the interval space between the ground floor and level one. As requested by the clients, the design also allows visual access to the top and lower floors, which helped in supervising kids in the house while the parents work remotely. The layout of the house proposed a strong connection between the living and resting area with direct visual access, which also encouraged the users to use the backyard and be engaged in more physical activity. This is while the allocation of the kitchen seperate from the work and living area promoted a mindful cooking and eating space.

We have also tested the quality and quantity of people’s movement in our designs using the technology of VR, where we mapped the movement journey of the clients exploring the interior of the house using. The outcome of the experiments demonstrated that the users were physically much more active in the proposed mindful house design (the stair house). The allocation of the work space in between the two min levels encourage the users to take breaks from sitting at the desk and move their body through walking down the stairs or stretching their body