Nostalgia shop

This project is originally designed for a fashion designer in a heritage building building in Melbourne CBD. The design aims to make the most of the inherent physical and atmospheric characteristic of the building heritage. The minimal intervention of the design combined with the use of subtle and rustic material and colours highlights the importance of the fashion garments. The iconic element is the window of the shop, which is designed to be inhabited and enjoyed while trying on the fashion pieces.

Movement is also encouraged in the shop via distinct linear elements across the store such as the display area, the staircase and the iconic elevator in the middle of the shop. The detailed work on the choice of material, fixture furniture with rustic gold touches also aims to bring back the history of building and the designer’s style. The backyard and its comfortable green settings with a the allocated coffee stand gives the users the chance to better explore the shop as well as the fashion prices. It also encourages them to pause in between their exploration