1. Residential and Housing

Dine-Amyc micro housing: An instance of mindful residential design

This design model was done in response to the recent needs in the design of high-rise residential buildings for integration of work, life and wellness is the concept design of a micro-housing (Dine-Amyc), which probes the below scenario: “What if we design an integrative high-riser, formed by peoples’ movement to encourage physical dynamic and social interaction? Vertical pathway of circulation by ramp goes around the building forms the overall geometry and forms the transition in this vertical circulation between indoor public spacing and outdoor walking spaces.

Instead of the traditional modes of gym facilities in residential buildings, this concept encourages physical activity and acts as a transition space for lingering in-between the levels. The ‘publicness’ of the communal spaces also leads to a socially and physically healthier setting for the larger community. A fluid relationship between inside and outside apartment units and movement between the private and public areas also increase the possibility for social interaction.

The vertical movement continues in the design of the interior of the apartment buildings in response to the shifts in the lifestyle pattern and new understanding of the ‘function’. The conventional compartmentalization of space into certain functions for sleeping, eating, working and recreation does not respond to the more recent shift between work and life styles.