About MOO-Tion Studio

 Our particular interest is improving people’s quality of living in architectural spaces. At M00-tion studio, we use our years of research and practice to help you to create spaces that are sustainable and mentally and physically stimulating and healthy. Our service ranges from residential, to retail store and wellness studio as well as heritage design.

Our method is to first understand the clients’ needs, life patterns and their interests and use our extensive research and experience to make mindful spaces that boosts your wellbeing. We apply this approach across all our services to create healthier and happier home, work and public spaces.

At M00-tion studio, we aim for a mindful approach based on Motion and Emotion. We use design elements that could create horizontal and vertical motion in the space (e.g.’ staircases and ramps). For example making the most of vertical spaces in the ramps and staircases as transitional living spaces between work and rest and encourage vertical movement.

We also aim to maintain the ‘feel’ or the emotion of different spaces. Using technologies such as AR/VR helps us to test out bodily movement and people’s feelings in various design configurations. This has led to the design of sustainable and creative spaces, focusing on the immaterial experience of space rather than the material architecture.

M00-tion studio is also a collective cultural and social movement for us. We highly respect the importance of cultural specificity and exclusivity in design reconfiguration of homes, work spaces and heritage design interventions.


















Email: contact@m00-tion-studio.com
P: +61 481 975 622