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Your Starred Items

Design Studio Teaching

Lectures, Talks, Teachings

Designing the experience of a mindful retail shop through m00-tion in VR :DIS2020 Workshop: Design Fiction in VR, University of Sydney, Australia, July 2020

“Designing for change; Integrative housing-Home, Work, Wellness (HWW)”, Melbourne Knowledge Week 2019, Saturday 25th of May

“Integrative housing; Home, Work, Wellness”, MRELAY talk on Wayfinding and Wellbeing, MPAVILION18

“Transforming the uncertain ancient magic into tangible architecture”, Unsettling Heritage by the “Emerging heritage professionals (Vic)”, 27 Sep 18, Deakin downtown, Melbourne, Australia.

“Minimal intervention design strategy for transforming tangible and intangible heritage”, Tangible-intangible Heritage conference, Architecture, Media, Politics and Society (AMPS), June 2018, London, UK.

(Re)presenting design and embodied experience, “Image and text” conference, Keynote speaker, Oct 2017, RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia.

“(Re)presenting embodied perception of contemporary designed public space”, Perception in Architecture, here and now”, 2015, Berlin, Germany.

Doctoral Colloquium, Doctoral research methodological design 
approaches, ECLAS, Universität der Nachbarschaften, 2013, Hamburg, Germany.

“Re-visiting best practice: Investigating place experience in the nexus of design theory and practice”, ECLAS 2013, Hamburg, Germany.

Lectures and Teachings

• Remembering and representing place (2013, 2014, 2015, 2017, 2020), University of Melbourne

• Integrative design; Fearless by design, Master of Design, 2019, Swinburne University.

• Interior Architecture studio 3, Designing for health (integrating childcare with an aged-care centre, 2017, Swinburne University

• Formative ideas in Architecture, 2017, University of Melbourne

• Philosophy of Interior Architecture, 2017, Swinburne University

• Speculation: The design of Civic space in an international context, 2017, University of Melbourne.

• Global foundation of architecture, 2017, University of Melbourne.

• Architectural practice (lecture facilitator), 2015, University of Melbourne.

• Design Approaches and Methods (2013 u0026amp; 2014), University of Melbourne.

• Rem Koolhaas and OMA, Studio Water, 2014, University of Melbourne.

• Landscape design studio 3, 2012, 2013, University of Melbourne.

• Mies Van Der Rohe, Studio Water 2012, University of Melbourne.

• Visual Communication, 2012, 2013, 2014, University of Melbourne.