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Your Starred Items


October 21, 2020

Our Mantra at M00-tion studio: “Do what you love, Love what you do”

During the Covid isolation times, we’ve perhaps had a good opportunity to return inward and reflect on our life and work situation and do more of the things that we love and ask ourselves what it is that we love to do and achieve in our life. It took me a couple of years to get the guts to take a step to manifest my purpose and finally start up my design and architecture practice earlier this year. This actually happened after a similar to Covid experience in 2018 when I was recovering from a difficult personal situation and had to socially distant myself for a period of time. But this period of isolation led to a big self-discovery, gave me purpose and created a positive foundation for establishing my dream career.

This move was a big leap from years of teaching and lecturing at multiple universities in Australia during and after receiving my PhD. I’ve always loved teaching and attempted to encourage students to design creative ideas courageously and find their interest in architecture. I’ve yet experienced instances of gender inequality, unequal pay for women and PhD graduates and the copying of the design studio’s intellectual property without the studio leaders’ permission, which was all heart breaking to witness in academia.

During these times of self-discovery, I was also practicing methods of yoga, meditation, mindfulness and spirituality, which gave me a whole new perspective on work as a passion with a purpose and as a way to service the collective. I had also always been an active person, spending most of my free time at the gym especially when I was writing my PhD thesis, but at this point I could look at movement with more awareness between the mind and the body.

 This made me realise my main passion for starting up my own practice with the focus on human mind and body health, well-being and lifestyle culture. That’s why we try to have an integrative approach at M00-tion studio: Motion (physical movement) +Emotion (mental well-being). I’m also greatly interested in lifestyle, fashion and culture, not in a glorified way but in the sense of our mood, culture and the representation of ourselves on a daily basis and as a source of inspiration. My hope is to create a work culture with less mental stress and pressure, which is unfortunately a common experience in the profession of design and architecture.

At the moment we are a young small practice and would love to hear interested individuals or other design and architecture firm’s expression of interest for collaboration or just sharing of ideas. This also highly resonates in these times when we need awareness about mental and physical well-being in the design of our surrounding environment.

Ps. I try to integrate my personal ethos of a holistic mind body well-being to our design services at M00-tion studio (see our newly updated Instagram page @m00_tion_studio) and my new Instagram pages on lifestyle and fashion (@isunakazerani) and health and well-being (@i_sun_ak)).